Demand Planning Consultant

l Analyze Big Data To Help You Transform Your Planning Process. 

I find the cause of inventory issues, and help you deploy best-in-class planning going forward.

My Services

Demand Planner Role

Most companies lack a well-defined role for their Demand Planner. I can fix this.

Inventory Management

Adopt best practices for inventory management in your business.

SKU Rationalization

I identify SKUs for which the inventory holding costs result in a net loss for the business.

Planning Process

I lead your team in a deployment of a best-in-class demand planning process.

Demand Management

Match demand against capacity with proven Demand Management solutions.

Root Cause Analysis

I identify the root cause of both excess inventory and stock outs.

Forecast Accuracy

I dramatically improve forecast accuracy with simple fixes to process and algorithms.

Savings Potential

I tell you how much profit are you losing due to excess inventory and stock outs.

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Unmatched Return on investment.

How I Compare

a large consulting company employs many people

Typical Consultants

  • Complex, lengthy engagements
  • Large, expensive consulting team
  • Intimidating style
  • Templated one-size-fits-all method
  • Upsell you on other services
Tailored demand planning analyzes data to help companies predict demand for products

My Approach

  • Clear Insights
  • Small team (it’s just me here)
  • Dignified demeanor
  • Personalized solution tailored for you
  • People-Focused approach
Demand planning tools use planning software to predict demand in real time

Software Vendors

  • Algorithm based 
  • No Consulting for people and process
  • Lacking supply chain management expertise
  • Statistical forecasting tools only

I Find the Cause of Your Stockouts

Data analysis helps companies with planning demand

I Simplify Demand Planning.

I Give Straight Answers

Growth in Product Lines. Product portfolios continue to creep as businesses constantly add new variants.

Promotions Drive Volatility. Digital advertising enables nearly limitless types of campaigns, but creates unforeseen spikes in demand.

Result: Supply Chain Overwhelmed. Through all this, dead inventories keep increasing, yet orders remain unfilled. No one understands why the supply chain cannot seem to keep up.

Accurate Forecasts Yield Savings

My Return on Investment

Did you know it costs an average of $20 per Year to maintain $100 of product?

Companies Scrap nearly 4% of their products each year due to expired and obsolete productsFor a company with $100 million in revenue and 50% gross margin, product waste would represent an annual expense of $2 million.

Warehouse costs are especially expensive, and it costs you about $2 each time an employee touches a pallet of goods. It costs even more when your supply chain transports goods between locations.

Effective demand planning allows companies to better predict demand, allowing them to align their production with product demand.

Even Modest Improvements in forecasting accuracy allows you to Reduce Inventory, reducing warehouse costs and scrapped stock. 

By bringing Visibility to your demand planning, it is feasible that I can help you improve your forecasting accuracy by at least 10%.

With an accurate demand plan, companies can better predict future demand, resulting in lower utilization of warehouse space.

  • Reduce Warehouse Costs
  • Reduce Scrap
  • Less Labor Wasted on Moving Products Around

Demand planning consulting
generates an incredible return on investment. I build powerful statistical models from underlying transaction data, giving you valuable insights on how to improve planning in the future.

With a best-in-class approach to planning demand, you can focus instead on growing your company.
Demand planning reduces the need to dispose of products