My Process.

l Deliver Powerful Views With a Timeline That Enables Rapid Transformation.

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Data Request - Consulting Engagement - Demand Planning Tools

A Robust Analysis is Built on Data.

Concise Data Requests 

Simple to Extract. I work with raw data that is easy to pull from your transaction system. I don’t require formatting or any pre-analysis from your team.

Powerful Learning. By diving into product-level sales history, I will generate insights that may not be obvious to employees already burdened with daily tasks.

Let me do the heavy lifting, and allow your team to remain focused on their work.

Structured Approach.

I Get to Work

I build Transformative Analysis that clearly identifies the root cause of planning issues.

I schedule Frequent Touchpoints to update you on my findings, and align on my next steps.

Stop speculating about the cause of your inventory problems. 

Allow me to provide Unbelievably Clear insights and recommendations.

Re-Invent Your Plan Cycle.

Tailor-Made Plan Cycle
  • Planning Framework. Your functional teams will collaborate and agree on a forecast every month.
  • Prediction Model. I create a simple time-series forecast based on historic order patterns.
  • Training. All stakeholders understand their role in the planning process.
  • Hands-On Guidance. I can facilitate the initial planning meetings, and build content to describe forecast outcomes.
demand planning process workflow
You may need an Operations Planning Process

Robust Planning Cadence

Over 80% of forecast error is generated from gaps in the planning process.

I apply learnings from my analysis to help you build and execute a Simple, Repeatable demand planning cycle that addresses identified process gaps.