My Services


Rapid Response Problem-Solving

Do you have warehouses full of inventory?
Are you missing out on orders due to lack of product?

In this quick-turn assignment, I will rapidly determine what has gone wrong, and give you powerful insights to remedy the problem. 

In the time it takes a large consulting firm to even respond to your phone call, I will have already delivered crucial analysis that identifies the root cause of your inventory issues and my expert guidance on resolution. 

What I Deliver: Enterprise-Level Decision Support

  • Powerful Executive Views. I build compelling views that convey simple but powerful messages. 
  • Fact-Based Conclusions. I specialize in developing conclusions from large amounts of unstructured data. 
  • Speed. Upon receipt of data, I can often deliver meaningful insights within 24 hours. I work all night so you don’t have to.
  • Minimal Reliance on Your Team. Your staff is already consumed with daily tasks, and simply can’t spend the night poring through data. 

Implement Full Planning Solution

Are you lacking a robust planning process?
Does every stakeholder have a voice in your forecast?

The vast majority of planning issues are the result of an undefined planning process. Most businesses lack a clear mechanism to allow sales, finance, and marketing teams to collaborate on a meaningful demand forecast.

I will build a simple, repeatable plan cycle that ensures every stakeholder has a voice in your planning cycle, without overburdening your team.

What I Deliver: Tailor-Made Planning Process

  • Planning Framework. I develop a repeatable process by which your functional teams collaborate and agree on a forecast every month.
  • Prediction Model. I create a simple time-series forecast based on your historic order patterns. 
  • Training. I ensure all stakeholders understand their role in the planning process.
  • Hands-On Guidance. I facilitate the initial planning meetings, and build content to describe forecast outcomes. 

Samples of My Work