My Process

Step 1: We Get Acquainted

We get to know each other. We review your planning process today, and whether you are satisfied with the outcomes of both your planning cycle and the resulting inventory management. What works well for you today? What do you think could be improved? I also share about myself and answer any questions you may have about my approach.

Step 2: Statement of Work

Deliverables and Timeline

Consulting Project Timeline

My proposed Statement of Work contains deliverables designed to provide you with Clarity into your planning cycle and inventory management today.

My deliverables always include Recommendations to improve your forecast process, based on learnings from my analysis. I never force a templated approach, and I propose deliverables that are well-suited to your circumstance. 

I commit to an Aggressive Timeline, and can provide initial conclusions and broad recommendations within two weeks of receiving data. 

My timeline is a distinct advantage. Larger consulting practices typically employ an engagement leader, manager, and associate-level consultants. It often takes weeks to scope the work and get the entire team engaged on the project. And it is super expensive.

I prefer the Simplicity of being a solo practitioner in my consulting practice. I work quickly, as I don’t need to delegate work to managers and associates. Depending on your needs and my availability, I can often get started on analysis within a few days of signing the Statement of Work.

In the time it takes a large consulting practice to even generate a statement of work, I will have already delivered crucial analysis that identifies the root cause of your inventory issues and my expert guidance on resolution.

Data Request

Data Request - Consulting Engagement - Demand Planning Tools

A robust analysis is built on detailed data. There simply aren’t any shortcuts here, and I work with a sufficient level of detail to generate fact-based decision support. I typically work with raw data that is simple to extract from most transaction systems. Your team doesn’t need to do any special formatting or pre-analysis prior to providing me with historical data.

Most businesses simply lack the resources to do a deep analysis against their entire product portfolio. This is where I often provide the most value – By diving into product-level sales history and inventory trends, I can Generate Insights that may not be visible to employees burdened with daily tasks. 


Step 3: I Deliver Results

Progress Reports

Consulting Project Status ReportWe generally maintain at least one touchpoint per week, with informal communication throughout the week as needed. You have ample opportunity to Provide Feedback, and I am willing to refocus efforts as needed. 

I Love Examples.  I appreciate most of my clients do not wish to see workbooks with thousands of rows of data. Thus, I communicate my methodology by showing how I incorporate transaction data for a Representative Sample of products. I then expand the same methodology to the portfolio of products, illustrating broad impacts across your portfolio.  

Clear Analysis, Fact-Based Recommendations

Powerful Executive Views. I convert vast amounts of data into Powerful Reporting that conveys simple but powerful messages. In my prior corporate roles, my teams provided analysis for CEO/CFO/board executives at our Fortune 200 business. With this experience, I deliver enterprise-class reporting that is Absolutely Stunning.

Never Recycled. I don’t rely on generic reporting. Rather, I build views that convey a conclusion specific for your business. I am an expert at creating messaging that doesn’t overload you with data, yet contains enough detail to be highly credible. Per request, I am willing to share the underlying workbooks and any figures, so that your team can replicate my analysis in the future. 

Extended Engagement: Implement Planning Cycle

Are you lacking a robust planning process?
Does every stakeholder have a voice in your forecast?

I apply learnings from my analysis to help you build and execute a repeatable demand planning cycle that addresses identified process gaps.

Over 80% of forecast error is generated from gaps in the planning process. Most businesses lack a clear mechanism to allow sales, finance, and marketing teams to collaborate on a meaningful demand forecast. 

I will build a Simple, Repeatable plan cycle that ensures every stakeholder has a voice in your planning cycle, without overburdening your team.

What I Deliver: Tailor-Made Planning Process

  • Planning Framework. I develop a repeatable process by which your functional teams collaborate and agree on a forecast every month.
  • Prediction Model. I create a simple time-series forecast based on your historic order patterns.
  • Training. I ensure all stakeholders understand their role in the planning process.
  • Hands-On Guidance. I facilitate the initial planning meetings, and build content to describe forecast outcomes.
Sales and Operations Planning Process - Best Practices

Samples of My Work